Yale University’s Jerold Siena, Professor of Voice, said, “[The ‘Charles Ives Musical/Dramatic Portrait’ is]…an inspiring portrayal of Charles Ives….I give it the strongest recommendation possible….”

Dr. Larry Starr, Professor of Piano at the University of Washington and author of the book, A Union of Diversities: Style in the Music of Charles Ives, published by Schirmer Books, said, “The ‘Musical/Dramatic Portrait’ of Charles Ives presented by David Majoros is an important, impressive, and inspiring presentation of unique, essential, and still too-little-known song repertoire. His performances of Ives’ songs…are idiomatic, expressive, and musically satisfying in every respect….By presenting Ives the man and composer dramatically to the audience, through the deft employment of quotations from Ives’ own writings, Majoros creates the appropriate aesthetic and emotional ambience for maximal understanding and enjoyment of the Ives song repertoire, and he furthers one’s understanding of, and appreciation for, this great and unusual man….The evening attests to Mr. Majoros’ thorough understanding of all aspects of Ives’ art, and it offers a unique and valuable experience to all who love music….”

Conductor Jere Lantz, of the Rochester (MN) Symphony Orchestra, said, “…the variety of songs…all beautifully performed, was astonishing. And his voice is gorgeous! Yet despite all the wonderful music-making, what really distinguished the evening was his conception, and its careful, entertaining realization. Ives may not be the most fascinating individual ever to put a pencil to staff paper, but one goes away from the presentation absolutely convinced that he was. He truly brought old Charlie to life – complete with sarcasm, strong opinions, poetic conceptions and wondrous awe.”

Susan Dean of Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin said, “Majoros IS Charles Ives….”

Dr. Carol Kimball, Professor of Voice at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas said, “‘Charles E. Ives: A Musical/Dramatic Portrait’ was everything we hoped for and more!”

"My father had a weakness for quarter-tones. In fact, he didn't stop even with them."



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